Hello friends…

I’ve spent pretty much my life involved with art.  In high school I decided it was a great idea to express myself making a carefully handcrafted cardboard chest to display the assignment, rather than the expected paper presentation. I must have been a serious challenge to my teachers!

As the years slipped by, I dabbled with art, while honoring the time-honored role of earning a living. Although at the time, I probably didn’t realize it, the years I spent as a homebuilder taught me valuable lessons for balancing technical skills with artistic.

Yet, my heart for creating art was still looming just below the surface. 

One fine day, I discovered digital mixed media.  To my delight, I found a nearly worldwide network of digital artists and teachers, including a mentor who currently lives in England!   

Especially now, in a world that seems angry, I find solace in creating work that take the viewer to a new, perhaps happier, imagined place.    

I live in Edmond, Oklahoma, with my husband, Bob. I am fortunate our three adult children live near-by.  Although I have a lovely studio, a side benefit of digital mixed media, is working anyplace any time.  Sometime, I might be on my porch swing with my laptop or I-Pad Pro perched on my knee.  Other times, I might be traveling, working from our cute little RV. 

I would love to know your journey!  Let’s stay in touch…